Historic site and monument, Contemporary at Nancy

  • ADN - Art Dans Nancy is an urban street art route that invites visitors to explore the streets and squares of Nancy while encouraging them to discover art. It includes over 30 street art works. From the old town to Place des Vosges, and from Place Simone Veil to Porte Sainte-Catherine, art, in its many forms, is everywhere and plays a regular part in everyday life.

    This colourful and poetic work using geometric forms and bright hues is painted directly onto the asphalt of Rue des Ponts and Rue de la Visitation, thereby creating a striking perspective. The work of Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, a leading pair of Swiss artists, consists in questioning how places are built. Each day passers-by continue to make this a living work as they stroll across its intersecting lines.
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