Enjoy an evening drink in Place Stanislas

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Place Stanislas de nuitPlace Stanislas de nuit
©Place Stanislas de nuit|Ville de Nancy

Enjoy an evening drink in Place Stanislas

An evening drink in ‘Place Stan’ is high on everyone’s list of things to do in Nancy.

Wondering why? Of course, it’s always fun to sit down at a café terrace in a foreign country: pull up a chair and lean back, look around as you think over what you’ve seen so far and contemplate the delights to come, and above all, soak up the atmosphere. You can relax and people-watch, both at the same time!

A drink on an outdoor terrace is great anywhere, but in Place Stanislas it’s truly sublime. With the square almost completely lined with restaurants and bars, you’re spoilt for a choice of venue, so settle into a soft-coloured chair and let the beauty of the stonework do its magic. You’ll find yourself talking more quietly: in such majestic surroundings, voices are slightly hushed. At night, the golden lights of the facades and Jean Lamour’s wrought iron work transform the square into a jewel, with stars of light at the bases of the lamp posts shining like diamonds. Just for you. Enjoy it!

Video Mapping

In the summer, the magical sound and light show is held every evening at nightfall*. Imagine yourself in the square one summer evening, sipping a drink or sharing a meal on one of the many outdoor terraces, or just relaxing on a wooden bench. It’s a balmy night, and the heat of the day continues to radiate from the white stones. The people strolling around the city converge on the centre of the square, or take their places on the benches around the outside. The café and restaurant terraces are packed. What is everyone waiting for? At the appointed time, the lights dim and then go out completely, leaving the square moonlit. All is silent, and then it begins: the first sounds ring out and images burst onto all five façades (the main themes are projected onto the front of the City Hall). It’s the beginning of a captivating 20 minute show. At the end, all falls silent again for a few seconds before the crowd bursts into applause. Conversations pick up where they left off. The entire experience is magical, whatever your age. This is one Nancy event you simply can’t afford to miss.