Try Rue de la Primatiale

Guaranteed atmosphere
Rue de la primatialeRue de la primatiale
©Rue de la primatiale|Regine Datin

You can easily miss this little pedestrianised street at first. Slightly hidden from view, it connects Rue Saint-Nicolas and the Quartier de la Primatiale (behind the cathedral). From Rue Saint-Nicolas, coming from Place Stanislas, it’s on your left… The first part of the street, between Rue Saint-Nicolas and Rue Saint-Julien is particularly narrow. Don’t hesitate to go down it.

A popular and animated street

From afar, you can hear laughter and talking. When you see chalk boards with the menu of the day on the pavement, festoon lights, canvas awnings and lots of people, there can be no mistake, you are in the right place!

There are endless restaurants of all kinds, from world cuisine to Parisian bistro style and wine bars, and from the chic to the down to earth. The district is inviting, pleasant and very popular all year round, whatever the weather!


In its wider part (we’re not talking a boulevard, just a little section of cobbled street on the other side of Rue Saint-Julien where the occasional vehicle passes very slowly), you’ll find one of Nancy’s oldest and most popular wine bars. It attracts so many people of all ages in the early evening (and often stays busy late) that it is sometimes difficult to cut through the crowd! But after all who cares, perhaps you bump into a friend there or you don’t mind taking your time and you eventually find yourself at a table with a plate of charcuterie, or standing up in the middle of the street, glass in hand, having a great time.

In summer, the restaurants have tables outdoors. There’s not much room to pass, but it’s rather nice. In fact, as soon as the tables are taken in for the night, groups of people replace them, standing there, chatting, perhaps with a drink or having stepped out between two courses or to say goodbye on the pavement before going quietly home. It’s a straightforward atmosphere that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. So, aren’t they lovely, the Lorrains?

Rue de la Primatiale is an absolute must try!