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Guided Tours

The Tourist Office guided tours

To allow you to plan a stay in Nancy or its region, the Groups Service of DESTINATION NANCY – Tourist Office introduces you to these tours, tours and discovery opportunities. Discover Nancy’s prestigious history and special atmosphere with qualified guides.

We offer tours in: French, German, English, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Russian and Polish.

N°1 – Historic City Centre

This tour notably includes Place Stanislas and Place de la Carrière and allows the visitor to examine the lasting impression the last Duke of Lorraine made on the city. The charm of the town – Medieval and Renaissance – is revealed thanks not only to its architectural gems, but also to its great shops, pretty terraces and little cafés. The Ducal Palace, the distinctive hotels, the Craffe Gate and the Saint Epvre church are some important monuments from Lorraine’s history.

1hr 30mins. Sign language interpreter also available.

Option of 30 additional mins. Tour of the inside of the Craffe Gate built in the 14th century, it is one of the last, still-standing remnants from the medieval wall which protected Nancy at the time. It also served as a prison. 18 people max. per group

N°2 – UNESCO World Heritage

Nancy is famous around the world for its architectural ensemble which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983. You will discover Place Stanislas, considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world, as well as Place d’Alliance and Place de la Carrière.

1hr 30mins. Sign language interpreter also available.

N°3 – Art Nouveau at the heart of business

From the Tourist Office to the Excelsior brasserie, this tour explores the sites of Nancy’s business world around the year 1900: shops, pharmacies, banks (in particular the glass ceiling of Crédit Lyonnais) and other buildings that reflect the artistic spirit of the town.

Option of 30 additional mins. Tour of the interior of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, week days only (Gruber stained glass window)

N°4 – Art Nouveau, Art Deco in the park of Saurupt

While Nancy is world renowned for its status as France’s Art Nouveau capital, it is lesser known for its Art Déco heritage, which includes several thousand buildings. This tour takes you to the ideal site to better understand the differences between these two styles: Nancy’s Saurupt Park that was urbanised mainly during interwar period.

1hr 30mins. assistance for the hearing-impaired available (additional sign-language interpretation)

N° 5 – Art Nouveau Homes by bus on the edge of town

From your coach, you will discover the most remarkable buildings of “Ecole de Nancy”: Bergeret House, Saurupt Park (garden city composed of five more Art Nouveau villas) and Villa Majorelle.

1hr 30mins.

Option of 30 additional mins. Tour of the interior of Maison Bergeret, week days only.

N° 6- Préville Cemetery

Many of the tombs are designed in the Neo-Romanesque, Neo-Gothic, Neo-Moorish or Romano-Byzantine styles popular in the 19th century. Nancy was one of the birthplaces of the Art Nouveau style which features heavily at Préville Cemetery. As you wander among the rows of graves, you will be struck by the many epitaphs, the range of shapes and materials, and the light reflecting off the stone and stained glass.

1hr 30mins.

N° 7- Art Nouveau Homes from Excelsior to Villa Majorelle

From the city centre to the neighbourhoods to the west of the town, the walk leads to Villa Majorelle and/or the Ecole de Nancy Museum. You’ll discover how the city slowly expanded, taking over agricultural lands and former surrounding town.

1hr 30mins.

N°8 – Street Art

Street art created by international and local artists (including Lorraine natives) stretches from Ville Vieille to Place des Vosges and from Place Simone Veil to Porte Sainte-Catherine. These contemporary works create paths through space and time. This urban heritage, to which stunning works are continually added, opens up new perspectives and narratives.

1 hr 30mins

N°9 – Museums

The guides of the Tourist Office can accompany you to the Beaux-Arts Museum (excluding the Galerie Poirel), the École de Nancy Museum and the Jean-Marie Pelt Botanical Garden.


N°10 – Nancy for young visitors

Guided Tours
– Discovering the Historic City Centre (Ages 8 to 17)
– Discovering Art Nouveau (Ages 8 to 17)
– Animals in the City (Ages 3 to 8)
– Around place Stanislas (Ages 3 to 8)

– Historic City Centre Rally (Age 8 to 16)
– Art Nouveau Rally (Age 8 to 16)
– Franco-German or Franco-English rally (Age 12 to 16)


N°11 – Rallies

Experience this walking tour competition as a family, with friends or with colleagues. The rally is designed to help you discover the history of the ducal city and its anecdotes. Each itinerary is dotted with explanations and questions about the town, its history and its famous residents. The goal of each team is to answer the questions and get the most points!

Your choice of 3 themes:

• Historic city centre
• Art Nouveau
• Gourmet


N°12 – Gastronomic visit

Combine a heritage discovery with a gourmet tasting. Tour one of Nancy’s neighbourhoods (Ville Vieille, UNESCO heritage or an Art Nouveau district) and then enjoy a tasting of a regional speciality with one of our partners.