Eat organic at the covered market

An epicurean experience
Marché CentralMarché Central
©Marché Central|Regine Datin

This is the visit to do (and not only) for lunch! For the setting first. On the west side, on the Place Charles III side, it is the initial architecture of white stone with its entrances decorated by animal representations … Yes, it is also the kingdom of butchery, especially the excellent and sometimes unknown sausages Lorraine!

The central market

This place is composed of a stone U-shaped building which delimits in its center a large central hall illuminated by a glass roof. The vast central market has two very different atmospheres: the aisles of the darker periphery where signs follow one another and the luminous central hall with, in the middle, stalls of fruit and vegetables and confectionery and rows of spices of the world that smell so good!

Besides, why not bring from here a local gourmet specialties? In any of these worlds, lunch is always a pleasure. Enter a world of mouthwatering fresh produces.

What for lunch ?

The real problem is to decide: are you more organic food? Fish or shells? Quick snack? Cheese specialties? Vegan or meat? Do you like soups, pies, quiches? And which wine with your dish?

Here is everything to please you! and from fresh produce provided by the surrounding shops. It is not rare to meet a restaurateur at the neighboring stall who comes to stock up on the products of the day! Obviously these restaurants are only available at market opening hours … which opens now on Sunday morning.

Are you tempted by a little brunch while you shop?