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Collection Daum - Vitrines Salle 2Collection Daum - Vitrines Salle 2
©Collection Daum - Vitrines Salle 2|Regine Datin

A visit to Nancy would not be complete without a look at the Daum Collection.

DAUM collection

A visit to Nancy would not be complete without a look at the Daum Collection. A royal welcome awaits you at the 18th-century entrance to the Fine Arts Museum on Place Stanislas, with its impressive peristyle. Once inside, take a quick look at the 18th-century oval staircase to your left, and out of the windows to your right overlooking the garden that runs alongside the contemporary wing (1999). The Daum Collection is in the basement, and to reach it you will need to walk through the museum without allowing yourself to be distracted (save that for another day) by the works of art you can catch a glimpse of in the Salle Jean Prouvé, which runs the length of the garden closed at the end by the Neptune fountain.

Ahead of you, a staircase leads down into the darkness (there is a lift too!). Don’t worry, you’re in the right place; the signs point to the Daum Collection. Reassured but intrigued, you descend into the depths seeking the treasure: a display of the work of one of the most famous crystal glass makers in the world.

Downstairs, in the half-light, a film recounts the history of the glassworks founded by Jean, Auguste and Antonin Daum, from their arrival in Nancy, through the difficult years to their brilliant success.

The walls are matt black, apart from the illuminated remains of the stone fortifications of the old town – you are walking on the site of the former ramparts.


You carry on through this two-colour world, wondering where on earth is the famous collection you’ve come to see.

And then the wall to your right opens and your breath is taken away at the sight of the immense, high-ceilinged room in which the showcases of the Daum Collection sparkle like a thousand stars against a velvety black background.

The finest, rarest, most symbolic and emblematic pieces are displayed here, in chronological order. It’s just one marvel after another. Surprise (a bunch of grapes, a beetle) is followed by emotion (Antonin’s wedding present).

Everything is exquisitely beautiful. You recognise the most famous pieces, or the work of a particular well-known artist or designer who worked with Daum.

Eventually, the Collection brings you back to present day, but in these rooms it’s as if time has stood still. It’s time to return to the light of day, after an unforgettable experience.


To round off your tour of these treasures, do visit the Daum showroom, also on Place Stanislas, at the corner of Rue Héré. Admire the extraordinary mastery of pâte de verre and pâte de cristal, sometimes combined with metalwork, and the magically ethereal nuances of colour that are the hallmarks of this very special glassmaker. A mine of unique and luxury gifts.

Did you know that the Daum factory still makes exceptional pieces of art glass in its historic workshop near the canal in Nancy? You can’t visit the workshop, but the Daum factory shop is here, where you’ll find a range of seconds (and you would have to be an expert to spot the minute imperfections) at unbeatable prices. Also on sale are tableware and other objects made by other brands in the Daum group. If you are looking for more traditional glassware, visit the Daum shop at their factory in Vannes-le-Châtel, 40 kilometres from Nancy.