Savour the sweet specialties

of Nancy Passions Sucrées
©Regine Datin

For centuries, the inventive and masterful pastry chefs, confectioners, and restaurateurs of Greater Nancy have built a rich gourmet heritage of excellent sweet products, most of which are patented. The Nancy Passions Sucrées brand puts these not-to-be-missed specialties in the spotlight. Head out to discover these delicious products and their delectable stories.

Eat in and enjoy

France is famous for its gastronomy and Nancy is no exception. The city boasts a wealth of tasty local dishes to delight foodies, including the sweet specialties of Nancy Passions Sucrées.

As you explore the town, treat yourself to a gourmet break featuring the mirabelle plum, Lorraine’s golden fruit and an essential ingredient in Nancy’s cuisine. Try the Tout Nancy, a delicious ice-cream dessert made with crushed macarons and Nancy Bergamotes, and topped with a scrumptious mirabelle plum coulis. Try it at the Brasserie Excelsior surrounded by its typical Art Nouveau decor. Settle in for a treat and admire the copper-framed glasswork and the furniture designed in the workshops of Majorelle.

For dinner, travel back in time to the 18th century to share a meal with Stanislaw Leszczynski at the restaurant À la Table du Bon Roi Stanislas. For dessert, try the Tokaji wine baba, a dry Polish cake that, according to legend, was doused with wine by Stanislaw himself when he found it to be too dry.

And if you’re looking for a taste of Brittany in the heart of the ducal city, look no further than the La Bolée creperie. The star dessert, the Vaute, is a crepe flambéed with mirabelle plum liqueur and topped with a scoop of mirabelle ice cream.

Souvenirs to go

Before you head home, be sure to pick up some of the must-taste treats of this gourmet city to take back to share with friends and family.

For a fruity touch, you can’t leave without the city’s most famous specialty: Nancy Bergamotes.In a lovely box featuring Place Stanislas, these translucent little golden square candies delight the palate with a sweet and sour flavour. The old version of the metal box made an appearance in the film Amélie. The red and gold design was decorated with thistles, Lorraine crosses, and the wrought-iron fences of Place Stanislas designed by Jean Lamour.

The history of Nancy Macarons goes back several centuries to when the recipe was invented by Benedictine nuns. Close your eyes and bite into these delicious crunchy biscuits with a soft centre, made with almonds from Provence, egg whites, and sugar.

For art buffs with a sweet tooth, there’s nothing like the Nancy School sugar vases of the Saint-Epvre pastry shop to take a little bit of Art Nouveau home with you. These sculptures were created by Jean-François Adam in 1999 to celebrate the centenary of the Nancy School.

Lorraine Duchesses will charm all the chocolate lovers. Their origins remain unclear, but these hazelnut praline sweets coated with a pistachio-coloured royal icing meringue are sure to delight your taste buds. Golfers will love Chocotees, delicious chocolate-praline bites in the shape of a golf ball.

These sweet specialties can be found at the pastry shops, confectioneries, and restaurants of Nancy with the Nancy Passions Sucrées logo in the window. There’s also a wide selection at the Tourist Office.