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Nancy Passions Sucrées

The NANCY PASSIONS SUCRÉES brand appears on the storefronts of pastry chefs, bakers, confectioners, and other artisans since mid-2019. The development, preparation and fine-tuning of the brand took two years. It guarantees that products are handcrafted, produced on site by the craftsperson, made respecting traditional (and often centuries-old) regional recipes using local ingredients whenever possible, and certified of excellent quality. Today, the list boasts more than twenty famous local specialities made by a dozen producers – confectioners, pastry chefs and restaurateurs – in and around Nancy.

A gourmet destination

The territory of Nancy alone boasts nearly 20 candies, morsels, cakes and desserts, all tied to the history and traditions of the area, the most famous being macaroons, mirabelle plums and bergamot. Whether born from a dining table anecdote by a powerful figure or originating from a proven fact; the result of a happy coincidence or created by special order; these complex products, their composition, and the skilled hands needed to make them, have been perfected and passed on from generation to generation.

This gourmet local wealth deserved to be clearly recognised as a part of Nancy’s tourism heritage, to highlight these products and make them accessible to visitors by guaranteeing their quality and handcrafted nature. This brand also aims to recognise, preserve, and protect this precious and irreplaceable local know-how.

Our artisans and creators of sweet specialities are the heirs of ancient know-how that has been permanently inscribed in Nancy’s gourmet heritage. Over the generations, this heritage has largely contributed to the renown of the ducal city. The Nancy Passions Sucrées brand brings together the artisans and creators who preserve and carry on this tradition.

Nancy Passions Sucrées
Nancy Passions Sucrées
Nancy Passions Sucrées

With its easily recognisable round logo on storefronts, on menus and on packaging, the brand highlights gastronomy that includes a wide range of sweet products: macaroons, bergamots, mirabelle plums, madeleines, Saint-Epvre cake, Visitandines, gingerbread, babas, candies, red sugar, jams, chocolates and more. The specialties take countless different forms: morsels, cakes, miniatures, desserts and creams to name a few.
The products, confections, cakes and desserts that have earned the NANCY PASSIONS SUCREES label come from a rigorous selection of artisanal products made right here on the territory, respecting traditional methods and using excellent quality products from verified sources.