Château De Montaigu -
©Regine Datin


The Cités de La Madeleine, designed by architect Emile André, are an impressive example of early-20th-century workers’ housing. This is where the connecting canal joins the Marne-Rhine Canal. You can follow the cycle routes among the towpath, south to Fléville or north to Jarville and Nancy marina (Port Saint-Georges). Admire the Madeleine canal aqueduct, where the Marne-Rhine canal flows across the Meurthe River. And don’t miss the lock-keeper’s house.

Montaigu Château, and most of its grounds, lie within the boundaries of Laneuveville-devant-Nancy. Enthusiasts will pick out an oak tree more than 150 years old, and two black walnut trees.

Unusual feature: water rising up through the veins of salt in the ground has created ponds in which you can spot coastal plants! Most of them have grown from seeds brought by migratory birds. Halophytes are very much at home here!