Église de Saint MaxÉglise de Saint Max
©Église de Saint Max|Gregory Flusin


As you enter Nancy along the banks of the Meurthe River, you will see the Napoleon III Pont de la Meurthe Château (also known as the Garnier Château).

Did you know that little Saint-Médard’s church is the oldest building in Greater Nancy (together with the Commanderie Tower in the city centre)? The church features a Romanesque tower, a 12th-century column capital and a baroque-style altar. And don’t miss the pretty statue of the Virgin and Child on the façade.

The Cristalleries (Daum) district dates from the same time as the Nancy School. The paths along the ‘green branch’ of the Meurthe are very pleasant, taking you in and out of Nancy and Saint-Max.

As you walk, you will come across various interesting buildings such as Gueule-du-Loup chapel, in the hills above Saint-Max. Look for the wolf’s head mounted in front of the cross!