Parc de Saulxure les NancyParc de Saulxure les Nancy
©Parc de Saulxure les Nancy|Gregory Flusin


Saulxures-lès-Nancy is surrounded by woods. The town is a successful mix of a traditional Lorraine village and its surrounding farms, and developments of modern houses and business zones.

The Parc des Etangs, a wetland paradise, stretches across 13 hectares of wetland meadows, lakes, streams and drainage ditches. It is home to some specific plants (white water lilies and water crow-foot), flowered meadows (with three notable species of orchid) and a multitude of small marshland animals. It is also an ornithological reserve. Facilities have been built for a wide range of sports. The park is open all year round.

18th-century De Rutant Château is privately owned. However, it can be visited during the Heritage Days or hired for weddings and other events (it hosts some major fairs).

The little road through the fields between Saulxures and Art-sur-Meurthe offers excellent views of Bosserville Charterhouse, from a perspective that shows off all the building’s beauty and its impressive size.