Rencontre Greeters 2018Rencontre Greeters 2018
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Portrait of Nancy inhabitant: Gilles

Portrait of Nancy inhabitant: Gilles

Passionate inhabitants, the greeters are happy to help you discover our destination. During a walk, they will share with you their favorites, anecdotes and good addresses.

Meeting with GILLES

How long have you lived in Nancy?

I live in Nancy since 1987. I arrived in Lorraine after a military transfer.

Gilles in a few words

I am in Nancy for almost thirty years. I like to let visitors discover my multifaceted city, as I have done for a long time for my family and my friends.

Why did you choose to become a greeter?

Because a greeter makes you share, from a practical and clever point of view, his way of “living his city” on a daily basis.

Your favorites in Nancy?

I particularly like the Ville Neuve (St Sebastian) – Citadelle tour where we change time, decor and atmosphere over the walk.

Your favorite neighborhood?

Around the Ducal Palace, in the small streets of the old town.

Why would you advise to stay in Nancy?

Nancy is a student city, lively and rich in architectural, cultural and gastronomic heritage. A city of province on a human scale with all the advantages of a metropolis. Strolling between the St Sebastian district and the old town will allow you to change eras and scenery several times during the same walk.

See you soon in Nancy for a ride with Gilles.

To discover the city with one of our Greeters, go to the Discover Nancy with a resident (a period of one week is recommended for the proper organization of meetings).