Places to go at Nancy

  • L.E.M. stands for Lieu d’Expérimentation Marionnette (puppet experimentation venue), and also for a whole lot more:
    L for laboratory, language, light, lyrical, location and labyrinth.
    E for enquiry, esthetics, effervescence, execution, expression, etcetera, engaging and encaptivating.
    M for music, movement, mobile, magnetic, manipulation, mutation, mystery, multi-faceted and momentary.

    L.E.M. is not a theatre, it is a community, a venue for assistance, discussion, research, experimentation, rehearsal, construction and diffusion. It’s a place where everyone takes their time, the time to work together.

    LE L.E.M. / En Verre et Contre Tout Company adheres to the values of the intermediate and independent venues charter.
  • All year
    Opened Everyday
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