Places to go at Villers-lès-Nancy

  • Roële Theatre

    Roële Theatre, in Place des Anciens Combattants, old Villers village, is a tiny theatre with 74 tiered seats. Advance booking is definitely recommended! Comédiens de la Roële stage most of the performances, but the theatre also hosts external shows. This little theatre is different in that it brings the audience close to the performers to create a rich theatrical relationship, for drama productions and comedies alike.

    The highly varied programme for the 2018-2019 season includes comedies with Parade Nuptiale (Courtship Display) and Les Uns chez les Autres (How the Other Half Loves); comedy-drama, with Agnès Belladonne and black comedy with Le Monte-Plats (The Dumb Waiter) and Théâtre sans Animaux (Theatre Without Animals). There are also some surprises in store for the second half of the season between February and May 2019.

    The Roële Theatre’s mission is to be moving but not tragic, amusing but not stupid and surprising but not shocking!
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    • Reservation only
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