Places to go at Maxéville

  • The Zénith
    The Zénith du Grand Nancy concert venue, created by Greater Nancy Council, is located at Maxéville, a town north-west of the city near Haye Forest.
    It was built by the architect Denis Sloan and opened in 1993.
    The Zénith is not only the largest concert venue in and around Nancy, with a total surface area of 92,700 sqm; it was also the first facility of its kind in Europe to offer a reversible open-air stage!
    It houses:
    the covered concert venue (7,700 sqm) with an all-seated capacity of 4,710 and a seated-and-standing capacity of 6,000
    the open-air amphitheatre with a capacity of 25,000: 17,000 seated on the terraces and 8,000 standing in the stalls
    the VIP Area
    three organiser’s and production offices
    nine artist’s dressing rooms
    the catering area (a dining room for artists, the production team and technicians)
    the ticket office, which is available for use by show producers and agents
    the 2,500-space car park, which covers 72,000 sqm
  • Equipment
    • Car park
    • Reservation only
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