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Street Art

Nancy is an open-air museum and the Street Art in Nancy or ADN (Art Dans Nancy) itinerary is an invitation to discover contemporary art works.

From the geometrical designs graffitied on the ground discover Nancy’s other face. It is that of a city whose artistic heritage manifests itself in even the most urban of settings.

Discover the street-art works with the "ADN - Art dans Nancy" application

Thanks to this new innovative and multilingual (French, English and German) application, discover the works of the ADN – Art Dans Nancy route and their history thanks to enriched multimedia content (an interview with the artist, a time-lapse, a report, or a making-off…)

How does it work?

Download and install the application for free on the Google Play or App Store.

Create your profile according to your starting point, your time and your mobility (bike, scooter, on foot, in a wheelchair, etc.), discover the selection of works on offer and admire the heritage in dialogue with contemporary creation.