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The Tourist Office Boutique

Open seven days a week in Place Stanislas, the Tourist Office boutique is an essential stop! It features a very fine selection of traditional souvenirs like post cards, books and quality textiles, as well as local arts and crafts such as jewellery and decorative items (in enamel, pâte de verre, etc.), and food items like macarons, bergamot candies and items made from the famous Mirabelle plum.

The Tourist Office Boutique

The boutique stocks products of all shapes and sizes, ensuring you can find the perfect souvenir or gift:

  • For those who have discovered the region and are searching for the perfect souvenir which is not too heavy for their luggage;
  • For your friends and relatives to whom you wish to give ‘something’ special from your trip to Nancy;
  • To mark a special event or occasion with the object of your dreams;
  • As a gift to friends, as you are from Lorraine and want to share a little piece of this special region.

In the boutique, take your time to determine which gift will really please you.

The special touch in the boutique is that it provides the opportunity for you to find a large range of items. From our local and traditional merchandise, to products from our local artists and craftsmen, to our I Love Nancy range, meaning you can be assured that we stock souvenirs and gifts at all price points.