Street art tour - Art Dans Nancy (ADN)

Take a (safe) selfie with the red bull!

Taureau Rouge de Gé.Pellini - NancyTaureau Rouge de Gé.Pellini - Nancy
©Taureau Rouge de Gé.Pellini - Nancy|Destination nancy

With his brilliant red colour and bold lines, Gé. Pellini’s bull is the main attraction on the square in front of Nancy’s Congress Centre, next to the railway station. He may look ready to lower his horns, but you don’t need to be a seasoned toreador to get up close and immortalise your encounter without risking your neck. Who knows, he may soon be as famous as the bull of Wall Street, one of the most-photographed sites in New York City. Legend doesn’t yet say whether stroking him will bring you good luck and good fortune!

A bull in town

The bull is the work of Gé. Pellini, world-famous artist, who was born in Nancy. He is best known for his sculptures of horned animals, and here he chose to sculpt a bull in reference to the coat of arms of Stanislaw Leszczynski, the king of Poland who became the last duke of Lorraine and was responsible for building the famous square that bears his name (Place Stanislas) – but that’s another story.

Measuring 3 metres and weighing over 900kg, this is one mean bull! It’s one of Gé. Pellini’s largest bronze works. The creative process he used is also a tribute to the metalworking skills here in Lorraine, because it was made in one of the rare art foundries in France, at Rambervillers. The statue was so big it had to be assembled in different parts. It was painted in Mirecourt, so is a work of art 100% made in Lorraine.