Where to go for a romantic declaration ?

Amoureux place CarrièreAmoureux place Carrière
©Amoureux place Carrière|B. JAMOT

Want to declare your love to your other half and looking for ways to surprise him or her? Here are a few inspiring locations.

In an oasis of green

Hidden out of sight on the former city ramparts, the Citadelle garden is little known to most. With its squares of medicinal plants, this Medieval style garden exudes an air of serenity and peacefulness. There is no doubt, many serenades have been sung beneath its great trees. To find it, you need to look out for the easily missable entrance near the gate of the Citadelle.

Beneath the eye of a great painter

Love has always inspired artists. The famous Nancy-born painter Emile Friant is no exception – one of his most well-known paintings is Les Amoureux. As a naturalist painter, he liked to produce portraits and depict scenes from everyday life. In this painting, a young man and young woman are looking at each other while leaning their elbows against the railing of a bridge. There is no sentimentality or passionate love in the painting, but it has an intensity and exudes something mysterious. It was immediately a great success when first shown in 1888. You can admire this oil painting at Nancy’s Fine Arts Museum. And if you want to recreate your own version of the scene, try the Pont Cassé footbridge over the Meurthe, near the Grands Moulins site.

Somewhere slightly exotic

Declaring your undying love among tropical plants without ever leaving Nancy is possible. In the tropical greenhouses of the Jean-Marie Pelt Botanical Garden, the exuberant vegetation always creates an exotic feel. Outdoors, the rose garden or the collection of Lorraine-bred plants (lilacs, peonies, fuchsias…) are also magnificent when they are in bloom.


In the most beautiful square in the world

With its elegant and majestic appearance, what more beautiful a setting than Place Stanislas for a romantic declaration? On a terrace, beside a fountain or beneath a street lamp after dark, let the beauty of the place penetrate you and let your heart talk.

Us in any case, we declare our love for Nancy!