Historic site and monument, Renaissance at Nancy

  • This 16th-century mansion belonged to François de Chastenoy, a horseman and advisor to Charles III, Duke of Lorraine (1545-1608).
    The house goes back a long way from the street and is composed of three wings and two internal courtyards. The first of these features an impressive spiral staircase leading to the galleries with their open balustrade.
    The street-side doorway is flanked by two pilasters which are each topped with a lion’s head, in a Neo-classical style. The mascaron over the door is thought to represent either the head of Medusa or the head of the wife of François de Chastenoy. The corners of the door are also adorned with a branch motif, and the pediment over the door used to bear a carving of the coat of arms of François de Chastenoy and his wife.
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