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Getting around in the Greater Nancy area

Trams, buses, bicycles, taxis … The entire transport network has been designed to promote mobility in the city.

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Public transport

Public transport in the city and surrounding area is provided by 29 bus and tram services.

  • 4 Stanway services: trams 1 to 4
  • 11 Stanbus services: buses 5 to 15
  • 14 Stanplus services: buses A to N (for school and university students)

9 Park-and-ride facilities, with a total of 1,000 parking spaces

You can find maps of the bus routes as well as times and fare prices on the (French only) website of the ‘STAN’ public transport network: Réseau-Stan

Top tip: the Stan transportation network is now free on weekends for all riders, all year round! Take any route free of charge every Saturday and Sunday. Routes 10, 23, and 24 are free when travelling in the towns of Greater Nancy. Free transportation does not apply on the Suburbain network, nor on the TER Fluo Grand Est routes in Greater Nancy.

Stan, all the information of the transport network in one app.
Info traffic, routes and plans of all lines of the network

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Getting around by bike

VéloStanLib’ et VéloStanBoutic

For quick short journeys in the city, you can pick up a bike from the VéloStanLib’ on-street cycle hire scheme. There are 29 docking stations located throughout the city with bikes available all day every day.
On the other hand, if you want to travel for longer trips, VéloStanBoutic’ allows you to rent bicycles for periods ranging from half a day to the year.

Website :  VéloStanLib’ and VéloStanBoutic

Nancy Velostan
, the bicycle app
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