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Nancy Thermal

 Well-being, relaxation and health are the key words of this unique centre, which revives the city’s thermal past.

Nancy Thermal

Since spring 2023, Nancy has had the pleasure of inaugurating of inaugurating the biggest aquatic and thermal establishment located within a large metropolitan area in France. Wellness, fitness and relaxation are the key words of this unique centre bringing the city’s thermal past back to life, in the heart of the Art Nouveau district.

Imagine a hot spring of healing 35°C water, drawn from a depth of 800 metres from rain that fell 30,000 years ago. This thermal water was recognised in 2014 by the National Academy of Medicine for its rheumatological benefits. Its virtues benefit not only those coming to take the waters, but also the general public seeking rest and relaxation.


Nancy Thermal - Ouverture prochaine
Nancy Thermal - Ouverture prochaine
Nancy Thermal - Ouverture prochaine

1 location, 3 offerings

Nancy Thermal offers three spaces supplied thermal water, all on the same site:

  • an aquatic and sports complex: indoor and outdoor pools, water games, climbing wall and more. All the activities in this centre are based around thermal water. It also includes fitness and cardio-training rooms.
  • a thermal spa with a wide range of activities (massages, saunas, indoor and outdoor pools equipped with hydromassage jets, relaxation spaces, etc.). The iconic round pool can also be found in this space.
  • a spa-treatment centre treating ailments ranging from rheumatology to the after-effects of trauma. To enjoy these thermal benefits, a rheumatological-discovery day has been put together with three treatments and a relaxation session in the thermal spa.

The entire site (thermal centre, wellness area, sports and leisure centre, hotel residence) is managed by the Valvital group, a leading name in spas and wellness.

The story began over 100 years ago

The hot spring was first discovered at the beginning of the 20th century and presented to the two million visitors who came to Nancy to explore the 1909 International Exhibition of Eastern France. At the time, it was the deepest borehole in Europe.

Louis Lanternier, renowned architect and city councillor, dreamt of creating a large thermal establishment. Following the exhibition, an initial stone rotunda decorated with mosaics was built upon the spring’s location. The first thermal establishment, designed by Louis Lanternier, was then inaugurated in 1913, but remained unfinished following the Great war – though this did not stop spa-goers from coming in droves to enjoy the benefits until the 1930s.

Between heritage and modernity, architects have completed Louis Lanternier’s project by integrating the building of the historic thermal baths into a complex with contemporary lines, extending the original design.

The thermal baths were listed as Historic Monuments in November 2020, thus cementing their great heritage value.