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Nightlife in Nancy

Nancy at night

is there a night life in Nancy? The responses immediately start flowing: There are always people in town, whether winter or summer, in bars and nightclubs, at concerts and shows (catering to all tastes), in restaurants, available at all prices of course, and at the cinema either in the city centre or the outskirts

During the lovely summer evenings, the terraces in the city centre are never empty, in fact, quite the contrary, Place Stan is often jam packed with people. You will never be bored in Nancy, the large number of students here are a testament to that, as we all know (although we wont say why) that nightlife is an important criteria when selecting a university!

We must not forget the impressive cultural program. Nancy is home to a National Opera, a Symphonie Orchestra, Ballets from the National Choreographic Centre, La Manu (National Drama Centre), the cultural hub l’Ensemble Poirel,the Concert Hall and performance centre L’Autre Canal and numbers of small theatres. The choice is so incredibly vast you won’t know which way to turn!

The nightlife in Nancy is so varied and eclectic that (if you so choose) it can sometimes last all night!