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Daum is almost synonymous with Nancy, and together the two names evoke the fabulous story of one of France’s greatest crystal glass makers. Created in the late 19th century, Daum soon became linked to the Nancy School art nouveau movement. Vitality, creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of this family firm, which introduced a number of new techniques over the years, including its hallmark ‘pâte de cristal’. The Daum signature is known the world over!

The Daum collection at the Nancy Fine Art Museum

With over 900 pieces, the Daum collection in Nancy’s Fine Arts Museum is unrivalled by that of any other museum in France or elsewhere. The spectacular display featured in the basement of the museum showcases the glassworks’ production and tells the story of Daum glass from the early days in the 1880s to the creations of the 1990s. A journey through the past and an opportunity to admire some of the most beautiful masterpieces of glass art.


The Daum glassworks in Nancy

For more than 120 years, Daum has been creating exquisite glass pieces, setting trends, and inventing new techniques. The art department was created in 1892 by Auguste Daum and run by his younger brother Antonin. Styles evolved with each new generation of the Daum family: through art deco to white crystal (classic 1950s-1970s wedding gifts). Artistic collaboration between the legendary luxury glassmaker and artists such as Salvador Dali or Hilton McConnico resulted in cult French decorative art and design objects from 1980 to today.

Daum today

Today Daum works in collaboration with top contemporary artists and designers to create unique art glass pieces which are produced in limited editions and sold all over the world. Based in the original glassworks in the centre of Nancy, the design team creates and tests prototypes; the rarer pieces are made in the workshop. The ovens operate continuously and the scent of wax permeates the air (the moulds are produced using the ‘lost wax’ process).

Where to buy Daum glass

The Daum shop on Place Stanislas showcases exceptional pieces of art glass as well as vases, small decorative objects and jewellery. It also stocks the complete current collection.

Daum has just one factory shop, located on the ground floor of the Cristallerie workshop in Nancy (take the tram and get off at the Cristalleries stop). Here you can find end-of-line items or seconds (with very slight, often imperceptible, imperfections) at affordable prices.

High quality tableware and jewellery is still produced in the Daum factory, at Vannes-le-Châtel, some 20 km from Nancy in the direction of Toul.