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Le jardin éphémère ‑ Nature in the city

Nature in the city

Place Stanislas becomes an oasis of green during Jardin Ephémère – trees, flowers, beds of plants, and original timber creations adorn the paved square as well as deckchairs or benches to rest on.

Every year, the city’s Parks and Gardens department imagines a new design inspired by a theme in the news which it reveals at the start of the summer. Travel, history, heritage, twin towns and science are some of the previous inspirations. At the end of September, after several months of work, the result is revealed for the public’s enjoyment.

Built from a sustainable perspective using recycled materials and plants which will go on to be used in other green spaces, the Jardin Ephémère is also an excellent showcase for nature conservation. It is a fine tribute to Nancy’s botanical traditions that so inspired the artists of the Ecole de Nancy.

Ephemeral Garden 2020

When human beings eventually arise into ecology, they feel motivated to apply the principle of conservation for the species that are most intimately in their hearts. However, are humans now prepared for a thorough change of their choices, lifestyle and behaviour to save their planet? They must first submit an uncompromising report.
Mother Earth should remain the source of nourishment. Otherwise it will fade away and contribute to its own disappearance.
Due to the accelerated degradation of the ecosystems whose development covered long millennia, fertility – this humus of life – is dangerously depleting.
Whereas global warming spawns its numerous harmful effects, repeated droughts are, for instance, a major cause of desertification.
The phenomenon is well known in Africa and also present in many regions of the globe, particularly in Asia.
Huge territories are also significantly impacted and it is high time that the infernal spiral be broken.
Plants – mostly of them are trees – can be very helpful. And the gardeners are fully aware of that form of assistance.
Should the vegetable patch be wrongly cultivated, or pollutant pesticides be used or the natural balance of the soil be disrupted, they will be helpless and endure the errors.
No matter what they do – including emergency and excessive watering, providing lavish fertilizers, the vegetable plants will wilt and the harvest be scanty.
At best, they may start fresh again. At worst, the soil will be definitively leached and exhausted.
“Earth or Desert?” – the 17th Ephemeral Garden designed in the form of an eye, offers a vision of fertile land on the predominantly mineral Place Stanislas.
As usual, the aim of the Nancy gardeners is stirring up the feelings of visitors. After observing this desert which cannot be ignored, the vegetal world will retrieve vital value.

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From September 12th to November 1st, 2020

For seven weeks, the event in Nancy combines culture, horticulture and nature. Each year, a new programme of events and interactive activities await you in the garden.

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