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The Saint Nicholas markets

The Saint Nicholas markets

From November 22, 2024 to January 5, 2025

Many towns in eastern France and in Germany, organise Christmas markets, and Nancy is no exception. Known here as Saint Nicholas’s villages, they play a big part in creating a festive Christmas atmosphere.

During the Saint Nicholas celebrations, several markets will be set up throughout the city with their wooden cabins decorated with sparkling garlands. Each with their own special atmosphere, they invite you to stroll through their alleyways to find an original gift idea, share a nice mulled wine and savour gingerbread, take a ride on the carousel or big wheel.

The main Saint Nicholas village

More than 60 Christmas market chalets are installed in the magnificent Place Charles III, between the covered market and the Saint-Sébastien shopping centre, offering a plethora of gift ideas, local products and tasty seasonal specialities such as mulled wine and gingerbread. Plenty of great Christmas ideas!

An absolute must: the local arts and crafts section, surrounding the magnificent traditional merry-go-round set up in the centre of the village!


Organised by:
Les Vitrines de Nancy



In a friendly, festive, cosy atmosphere, this village offers local drinks and beers and quality street food around the Saint Nicholas celebrations. You’ll find, among other things, crème brûlée with foie gras, homemade salmon gravlax, and toast with local products.

Saint Nicholas gourmet village, Place Vaudémont

Whether you’re looking for lunch, tea or a drink before dinner, you’ll love the cosy and convivial atmosphere of the Saint Nicholas gourmet market, especially as the evening sets in. Mulled wine, before-dinner snacks, soup, or a tea-time treat, there’s something delicious for everyone in the restaurants around the square.

Ferris Wheel Village

The Ferris Wheel has become a staple of our Festival of Saint Nicholas, offering an incredible view over the 18th-century district and the Old Town. At its feet, ancient fairground rides delight both young and old alike, with food and drink to be enjoyed in the warmth of the braziers.

New – The village “Le Bois des 3 petits enfants” on Place Simone Veil

This year, the three grandchildren from the legend of Saint Nicholas will be at the heart of Place Simone Veil, the undisputed stars of this gourmet festive village. This village is like a gateway to the Saint Nicholas Festival in Nancy: it is, in fact, the first village visitors discover when leaving the station.

On the programme for this village all visitors want to rediscover: a warm, family atmosphere by day, playing Christmas carols and delivering up gourmet specialities. Children and their parents can enjoy a maze made up of the iconic conifer of the festive holidays, a Santa’s peach and Christmas tree-themed ride.

Distorting mirrors and two puzzles will also amuse young and old alike…


NEW – Place Saint-Epvre: Santa Claus’ daughter, Black Peter’s son

This village will offer a musical and artistic programme with as many Nancy artists as possible, with highlights for the Feast of Saint Nicholas, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.


Village under the Porte des Vosges

No need to change departments to discover this village in the Vosges: this one takes place alongside Porte Saint-Nicolas! With something of a mountain air, since these three cabins offer comforting winter specialities, fondue, charcuterie platters, mulled wine… With the added bonus of concerts, snacks for children and various activities, including an artists’ exhibition and other local creators within the heart of the Le Chardon restaurant.

The “Trois Barbus” village in Allée Mercure

This year, near the Trois Barbus village, we have Saint Nicholas on the terrace! In a nice scene set up by the organisation Les 3 Cageots, and thanks to the installation of two cabins dispensing high-end winter culinary specialities, you can enjoy oysters, foie gras, snails, and even gnocchi in a whole cheese… Some (very) good things on the plate, and a lot of warmth in the air thanks to the numerous events, concerts and other blind-testing evenings.