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An Art Nouveau weekend in Nancy

Looking to get away? Just 90 minutes from Paris, Nancy is a city brimming with charm. In addition to its three magnificent UNESCO World Heritage squares and the charming Ville Vielle of the dukes of Lorraine, Nancy is internationally renowned for its Art Nouveau heritage to admire throughout the town.

Art for everyone and art in everything

Around 1900, Nancy’s exceptional Art Nouveau artists and craftsmen earned the city a worldwide reputation alongside Paris, Brussels, and Barcelona. With Emile Gallé at the forefront, industrialists, artists, and craftsmen pooled their talents and created the Provincial Alliance of the Industries of Art, better known as the Nancy School.

Mainly drawing their inspiration from nature that they faithfully reproduced, the movement used the most modern techniques of the time.

The followers created both one-of-a-kind exceptional pieces as well as larger series to make art accessible to everyone. Architecture, furniture, glass art: they expressed their genius in all fields and brought their works into everyday life.

An open-air museum

Eyes are drawn to a flower carved in stone, to magnificently crafted ironwork, or to a brightly coloured stained-glass window. The mind is calm in the face of nature’s beauty. Businesses, shops, buildings, private homes: the curved lines of Art Nouveau are found in the different neighbourhoods of the city, each with their own history and marvels.

Stroll around, look up, and be amazed by this open-air museum.

Discover this heritage at your own pace along a tourist trailor with an audio guide. In the summer, opt for a guided tour. With the expertise and anecdotes of our tour guides, you’re sure not to miss a thing!

Remarkable sites

Take a journey back in time and relive the unique atmosphere of the period on a visit to two remarkable homes.The Ecole de Nancy Museum is an international reference for lovers of Art Nouveau. Located in the former house of the patron Eugène Corbin, the museum brings together an impressive collection and has recreated several rooms fully furnished with period furniture. The lovely garden has also been restored with the plant life that reigned at the turn of the 20th century.

Another emblematic monument is the Villa Majorelle, a unique example of an Art Nouveau house built for Louis Majorelle, an important figure of the movement. Its original architecture was mentioned numerous times in prominent architectural magazines of the time. The recently restored villa was reconfigured with a portion of its period furniture. It opened back up to the public in February 2020.

Finally, in the cosy underground of the Fine Arts Museum, at the foot of the ancient fortifications, the brilliant Daum collection features exceptional glassware testifying to the know-how of Lorraine’s fire arts.

On the programme for your Art Nouveau weekend in Nancy


  • Explore Nancy’s city centre along the itinerary called Art Nouveau at the Heart of Business.
  • Have lunch at the Brasserie Excelsior in its exceptional Art Nouveau decor. Then, make your way to Villa Majorelle while admiring the beautiful homes along Avenue Foch.
  • After a visit of Villa Majorelle, head to the Ecole de Nancy Museum. Finish your day with a walk through Sainte-Marie Park next to the future Nancy Thermal spa complex.


  • Discover the Saurupt neighbourhood, originally designed as a garden district that today includes several examples of magnificent Art Nouveau and Art Deco homes. Then it’s off to Place Stanislas for a visit of the Fine Arts Museum and the Daum Collection.
  • Don’t forget to taste some of Nancy’s sweet specialties before leaving!
  • Stay an extra day to stroll through the little streets of the Ville Vieille and discover the history of the dukes of Lorraine or visit the nearby châteaux of Fléville and Montaigu.

Top tip: with the 48 hr Nancy City Pass, save more than €10/person on a guided tour with the Tourist Office, the audio-guided Art Nouveau itinerary, and admission to the Ecole de Nancy Museum, the Villa Majorelle, and the Fine Arts Museum.

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